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    Clair Wagner, Celebrating 20 years anniversary at BWOC.

Clair Wagner, Celebrating 20 years anniversary at BWOC.

At BWOC we take great pride in our deeply embedded family values, meaning that each and every person is not only part of our team, but they are part of a family. Clair has recently celebrated 20 years at BWOC as an Account Manager in the Bulk & Bunker Department. We have carried out an interview with Clair so you can learn more about her journey at BWOC.

Could you tell us how it all started 20 years ago - what originally brought you to working at BWOC?

I was doing a lot of temping work while I went back to college, but when my son started school, I decided it was time for me to get some steady work on my CV. My husband was working in IT at BWOC at the time, so I asked him to pass my CV onto the company. It wasn’t long before I started, thinking I would stay here for maybe a year!

Do you remember your first day?

Well…. Kind of! I remember leaving on the first day… She laughs. It sticks out in my mind because I remember collecting all of my things at the end of the day, as I have done in all of my previous temping positions and someone said ‘Oh, you can leave it here, just pop it in your desk’. And then it hit me – it was MY desk. I was made to feel really welcome; the people didn’t treat me as a ‘temp’, they were warm and friendly from the start, regardless of my position.

Have you always worked as an Account Manager?

No, I actually started in the Fuel Card department as a Sales and Account Manager. I ended up working there for 6 years, before moving to the Bulk & Bunker department where I have been since.

How have you seen the industry or/and BWOC change in the time that you’ve worked here?

Oh absolutely! We used to smoke in the restroom back then!!! She laughs. I have seen a lot of modernisations over the years, the technology has come a long way of course, but the industry hasn’t stayed the same either. There has been a lot of changes introduced by the government, environmental and regulation measures. Biofuels, FAME, HVO, driving hours have changed massively over the years. It’s good to see, keeping the drivers safe and stopping them from overworking. And fuel prices used to be steadier! If there was an ‘up’ day in the morning, it was still an ‘up’ day when the market closed. Can you imagine that? Now the market fluctuates massively during the course of the day.

What has kept you at BWOC for 20 years?

Well as I mentioned, I was only going to stay for a year to get a steady job on my CV but it’s the people!! I find the majority of people tend to stay a long time so I’ve made good friendships. People really look out for you. When I had my daughter and when I had to have an emergency procedure the company helped me work out a schedule so I could have the time off I needed. My Dad needs a fair bit of care and often I need to be able to dash out during the day. People understand that. They really care about what is going on, I don’t feel just like a member of staff, we are a big family. We spend more waking hours together than we do at home after all.