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    Meet Our Managing Director Amy Jones

Meet Our Managing Director Amy Jones

At BWOC we take great pride in our deeply embedded family values, meaning that each and every person is not only part of our team, but they are part of a family. That’s why we have carried out an interview with our Managing Director Amy Jones who has been a vital part of BWOC for the past 16 years, learning more about her journey and how BWOC has impacted her life.

> Could you tell us how it all started 16 years ago - what originally brought you to working at BWOC?

“I had already worked in the industry for about 8 years and really enjoyed it. At the time I operated mostly in the B2C environment, although I preferred dealing with other businesses. So when I was offered an opportunity that focused on B2B at BWOC I decided to take it.”

> Do you remember your first day?

“Yes! Although nothing particularly interesting occurred, I remember thinking it was a really nice working environment, especially the kitchen was really impressive” She laughs before continuing “That reminds me – it hasn’t changed since then so it might be a time for an upgrade”.

> What roles have you held at BWOC?

“I first joined the company in a role for an Account Manager in the Bulk Department. There were only two of us at the time, but the department grew quite quickly until there were 6 of us and I became the supervising Account Manager. From there I moved to managing what was then known as the Western Bulk Department. The Western and Eastern Departments merged in the end, so I started to oversee the entire Bulk & Bunker Department. Eventually, I was offered the role of the Managing Director.”

> Have you seen the industry or/and BWOC change in the time that you’ve worked here?

“Oh absolutely, the industry has changed massively. The supply deals have become more complex and the margins are much tighter. Digitalisation also had a massive effect on the industry, everything used to be on a spreadsheet. We introduced Codas in 2009, which was a huge step for BWOC and helped us get to where we are now. There is one thing that hasn’t changed a lot and that’s BWOC culture. We have maintained the family feel - we work closely together, support and look out for each other.”

> What has kept you at BWOC for 16 years?

“No day is ever the same! It’s very much a varying landscape in just about every imaginable way which keeps things interesting.”

> How important is company culture to you and how would you describe BWOCs culture?

Without missing a beat, Amy reflects: “Extremely important. Because I think the way you treat co-workers and partners also reflects the way you deal with customers – giving that high level of customer service, looking out for them – having that culture, where everyone buys into that way of thinking allows us to deliver this on daily basis.”

> What in your opinion are the three most important ingredients to make a company successful?

Flexibility Honesty Being aware of your customer needs

> Do you have a role model?

There is a slight pause, before she declares with confidence: “My husband. He has achieved a huge amount in his career. He heads a department of 40 people at Thatcher’s, despite leaving school with no qualifications. He has such an amazing work ethic, started at the bottom and promoted from within based on work ethic, commitment and the understanding of our culture, ethics and values. I am not discounting education, but putting the work in is really important, you can’t be lazy and achieve what he has achieved.

> Could you share with us some of your fondest BWOC memories?

Amy starts to laugh “I don’t think I can share some of them, from Christmas parties… Probably one of the best nights we’ve had was when the company took part in the Weston Hospice’s fundraising ‘Strictly come dancing’ event. BWOC were the main sponsor and our employees formed 2 couples and took part in the competition. There were 8 couples in total who had been training for 3 months.. It was such a great night, the entire company got involved and was rooting for their colleagues. It was just fantastic.”